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Learning in Fun

Testing and certification is highly effective means of quality control and supports most aspects of our daily life such as food safety and energy efficiency. It is important for the young generation to learn about the general mechanism of testing and certification.

To help youngsters to acquire knowledge of testing and certification, the Council has produced fun games and leisure activities. Those below cater to youngsters, in particular those attending secondary school, and curious adults.

a. Passing Through the Maze (colourful comic book)
b. Who's EE Expert? (cool computer game)


a. Passing Through the Maze : Learning Testing and Certification in Daily Life

Passing Through the Maze : Learning Testing and Certification in Daily Life is a Chinese comic book that tells the adventure of two young challengers, Samantha and Joe, who try to prove themselves by getting out of a maze unscathed. Through asking tough questions on testing and certification, the maze is not as harmless as it first appears...

For the comic (Chinese version only), please click here.


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b. Who's an EE Expert? Find out how much you know about testing of energy efficiency

Generally speaking, energy efficiency (EE) means to use less energy to achieve the same result or to use the same amount of energy to get more or better results. Through this computer game, you can learn more about how to test whether or not an electrical product is wisely efficient.

Here are some heads-up to set you on course for the game.

Tip : Not every energy-powered product is equally efficient in its energy use. Some are more energy efficient than others. We can know a product's energy efficiency through specific tests.

Tip : The energy efficiency of an electrical and electronic product (EEP) is closely related to its functions. The vast spectrum of EEPs perform different functions. Some convert electricity into light, such as a light bulb, and some cool air down, like an air conditioner. So a product's energy efficiency needs to be tested in line with its mode of energy use when it perform a function. Examples of energy efficiency tests for some common EEPs are listed in the table.

Tip : That table gives loads of info. Learn it by heart and then click on the picture to start the game and become an EE Expert!

For the game, please click here.

[The game requires Adobe Flash Player on your browser. The Player can be downloaded here if necessary.]


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