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CEPA > China Compulsory Certification ( CCC ) Testing

China Compulsory Certification ( CCC ) Testing

List of existing products requiring CCC

  1. Electric cables and wiring
  2. Electrical switches, protective devices and connection devices
  3. Low voltage electrical equipment
  4. Small power motors
  5. Electric tools
  6. Electric welding machines
  7. Household and similar electrical appliances
  8. Audio and video apparatus
  9. Information technology equipment
  10. Lighting apparatus
  11. Motor vehicles and safety accessories
  12. Motor vehicle tyres
  13. Safety glass
  14. Agricultural machinery
  15. Latex products
  16. Telecommunication equipment
  17. Medical devices
  18. Fire service equipment
  19. Security system products
  20. Wireless local area network products
  21. Decoration products
  22. Toys

Any testing organisations engaging in testing business for products under the CCC System have to be accredited by Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) to be capable of performing testing for the relevant products. Procedures for testing organisations in applying for relevant accreditation from HKAS and establishing cooperation with designated Mainland organisation could be viewed at HKAS’s website.

For enquiry on CCC testing, please contact:
Hong Kong Accreditation Service
Telephone: (852) 2829 4826
Fax: (852) 2824 1302