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Strengths of Hong Kong's Testing and Certification Sector

  • (a)From the macro angle


    (i) Proximity of Hong Kong to the Mainland of China

    The Pearl River Delta (PRD) Region is one of the major manufacturing centres in the world. Providing support to the export of products manufactured in the PRD Region contributes the majority of the business of the local testing and certification sector.

    (ii) High integrity and good intellectual property protection

    The high level of integrity and credibility of the Hong Kong society as a whole give confidence to users of the local testing and certification sector. Hong Kong's good intellectual property protection also helps attract business, as companies will prefer to conduct tests of prototypes of new products in Hong Kong to avoid replicas of the new products.

    (iii) Good logistics support and communication system

    Hong Kong's good logistics support, port facilities and transportation together with the fact that it is a free port facilitate easy transport of samples to Hong Kong for testing. Its good telecommunications infrastructure also allows fast communication of testing results to overseas buyers of products. Hong Kong's language capability in English and Chinese, including Putonghua, allows the local testing and certification sector to communicate easily with manufacturers in the Mainland and overseas buyers.

    (iv) Competitive edge in attracting foreign conformity assessment bodies to set up branches in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong's sound legal system, low tax rate and simple tax system, good law and order, and good language skills in general help attract foreign conformity assessment bodies to set up branches in Hong Kong.

    (v) Well established education and training system

    A high proportion of professionals and associate professionals is required in the testing and certification sector. Hong Kong has a well established education and training system (universities, the Vocational Training Council, etc.) to provide the necessary manpower to support the development of the sector.

  • (b)Our robust and internationally-recognised accreditation system


    (i) Robust accreditation system

    Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) rigorously carries out assessment and implements applicable standards. Its assessments are carried out by highly capable assessors, among the best of its kind in the world. Because of the high standard maintained by HKAS, its accreditation is valued by users of testing and certification services all over the world.

    (ii) Independent system and free from conflict of interest

    HKAS is provided by Government and is therefore independent and free from any conflict of interest in delivering its services.

    (iii) System being widely recognised internationally

    HKAS has concluded mutual recognition arrangements with accreditation bodies in over 100 economies, including all of Hong Kong's major trading partners. Such arrangement greatly facilitates the acceptance of the results of accredited establishments in Hong Kong's testing and certification sector. For details, please visit HKAS's website.

    (iv) Quick response to new market demand

    HKAS is generally capable of providing new services within a comparatively short period of time, thus can support the local testing and certification sector in responding quickly to new market demands.

  • (c)Our competitive local testing and certification sector


    (i) Good corporate governance and efficient operation

    Establishments in the testing and certification sector in Hong Kong, in particular those accredited by HKAS, have good corporate governance and their operations are efficiently managed. These factors allow fast turnover and provision of flexible services. The quality services have enabled the sector to maintain good relationship with its clients.

    (ii) High technical competence

    The sector generally has high technical competence, in particular for testing of textile and toys which Hong Kong is in a leading role. With its technical capability, the sector can set up and provide new types of services quickly in response to market needs.

    (iii) High professional integrity

    The good business ethics of establishments in the testing and certification sector in Hong Kong and the high professional integrity of their staff are competitive edge that Hong Kong enjoys.