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Profile and Role of Testing and Certification Sector

Profile of the Sector

According to the latest statistics provided by the Census and Statistics Department, in 2022, the total business receipts of the private independent establishments in the testing and certification (T&C) sector were $24.9 billion. Their economic contribution to Hong Kong's GDP was $10.9 billion. As for employment, the total number of persons engaged in these private independent establishments was about 15 060.

In the same year, there were about 850 private independent establishments in the T&C sector. The vast majority (around 94% or 800 establishments) of these were small and medium enterprises engaging less than 50 persons. They accounted for 37% of the total persons engaged and 30% of the total business receipts in the sector.

The table below shows the breakdown of the sector's 2022 business receipts by type of services:

Type of Services (HK$ Mn)
  (a) Toys and games 1,677
  (b) Textiles, clothing and footwear 1,407
  (c) Medical 12,825
  (d) Electrical products 1,346
  (e) Construction materials 886
  (f) Others 987
Subtotal 19,128 (76.8%)
Inspection 2,127 (8.5%)
Certification 576 (2.3%)
Others# 3,068 (12.3%)
Total 24,899 (100%)

Note: Figures may not add up to the corresponding totals due to rounding.

# The figure includes the amount of subsidy in relation to anti-epidemic measures received by the sector in 2022.

Latest Statistics (PDF version)

Latest Statistics

Key Data Available (PDF version)

Key Data Available

Role of the Sector

In additional to its direct economic contribution, the sector also supports the manufacturing, export and supply chain.

Locally, the T&C sector plays an important role in daily life of the Hong Kong community. For example, medical laboratories provide essential support to medical sector in the diagnosis of illnesses. Private laboratories have been playing an increasing role in supporting the food industry for quality assurance and the Government in testing of food. The construction materials laboratories and inspection bodies also contribute to ensuring the building safety.

In support of Hong Kong's external trade, the sector has been providing high volume of testing and inspection services for consumer products manufactured in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta Region, in particular toys, electrical and electronic goods, textiles and garments and footwear. The sector also provides quality management system certification service for businesses. Through providing assurance to overseas buyers on the quality and safety of products, the sector has played an important part in the economic development of Hong Kong as well as Pearl River Delta Region.

From a wider perspective, the T&C sector has also contributed to the development of Hong Kong as a business services centre. Coupled with other advantages including a sound legal system, a business-friendly environment and world class infrastructure, the availability of credible T&C services has enhanced attraction for multinational companies to set up buying offices and even regional headquarters in Hong Kong.