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Toys and Children's Products

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Hong Kong's Testing and Certification Services for Toys and Children's Products

Hong Kong's Testing and Certification Services for Toys and Children's Products

  • a.Benefits of Toy Testing & Certification


    When it comes to toys, safety is of paramount concern. The toy industry uses a lot of third-party testing and certification services to assure compliance with international safety standards.

    Testing and certification help assure the quality of toys, minimise the chance of recalls, returns and complaints — reducing financial risks to suppliers, traders and retailers — and help to establish a good reputation. This in turn leads to increasing product sales which has a positive impact upon everyone's bottom-line.

  • b.Testing & Certification Services for Toys



    Common testing for toys includes:

    • testing for the bio-availability of toxic elements such as lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd) and the amount of hazardous chemicals such as phthalates
    • electrical testing, such as electrical strength test
    • testing for electromagnetic compatibility, such as radiated disturbance, electrostatic discharge
    • micro-biological examination
    • flammability testing
    • mechanical testing such as load stresses like torsion, traction and compression
    • physical testing such as presence of sharp points or hard edges
    • performance testing such as durability and resistance to wear and tear


    Examples of toy inspection services are factory inspections of the manufacturing processes and pre-shipment inspections at the factory to determine whether the batch of toy products complies with the buyer's specifications.


    Product certification is required for toys, e.g. China Compulsory Certification (CCC) System.

  • c.Laboratories Accredited by HKAS Providing Testing Services on Toy and Children's Products


    The lists of laboratories accredited by HKAS on the provision of testing services for toys and children's products are available at HKAS's website.