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Textiles and Apparel

Textile and Apparel (PDF version)

Textile and Apparel

Hong Kong's Testing and Certification Services for Textiles and Garment

Hong Kong's Testing and Certification Services for Textiles and Garment

  • a.Benefits of Textile and Apparel Testing & Certification


    Not only Hong Kong's traditional trade partners but also the new emerging market have imposed more stringent regulations and requirements over imported textile and apparel. At the same time, consumers also have an increasing expectation on product quality and concern about impact on the environment. Testing and certification can help assure textile and apparel's compliance with relevant regulatory requirements of importing countries, as well as those specific quality and performance requirements by their clients. Examples on quality aspects of fabric include breathability, high-stretch, anti-bacterial, UV protection, wrinkle-free and water resistant properties, etc.

    Testing and certification can enhance consumers' confidence over the safety and quality of textile and apparel. Manufacturers, traders and retailers alike can also reduce their financial risks arising from rejects, recalls and complaints, and build up their brand reputation resulting in increased sales.

  • b.Testing & Certification Services for Textile and Apparel


    Hong Kong's testing and certification sector provides valuable support on various stages of the supply chain. Apart from testing, certification and inspection services, the sector also provides advisory services in relation to international/national regulatory requirements, as well as standards on raw materials and finished products.


    Examples of tests to meet regulatory requirements:

    • Physical tests, such as fibre analysis on composition, colour fastness tests, assessments on shrinkage and appearance in conjunction with labelling, flammability tests on general clothing, nightwear and vinyl film
    • Chemical tests, such as azo dyes, cadmium, nickel release, lead and phthalates, etc.

    Examples of tests to fulfill quality performance requirements:

    • Physical tests, such as strength tests on tensile, tearing and bursting strengths, colour fastness tests to washing, water, rubbing, light and perspiration, construction tests on yarn count, performance tests on pilling, abrasion and snagging resistance, functional tests on air permeability, water resistance and UV protection
    • Chemical tests such as pH value, extractable heavy metals, chlorinated organic careers, etc.


    Examples include factory inspection of manufacturing processes, pre-shipment inspection to determine whether a particular batch of products complies with the relevant buyer's specifications, supervision of loading, etc.


    Certification related to products, processes, systems and persons, such as ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management and ISO 50001 for energy management systems.

  • c.Organisations Accredited by HKAS Providing Testing Services on Textile and Apparel


    The lists of laboratories accredited by HKAS on the provision of testing services for textile and apparel are available at HKAS's website.