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Seminar on Construction Testing: Towards Digitalisation and Automation in Construction Testing

(29 February 2024)

The rapid development of innovation and technology and the implementation of various initiatives of developing Hong Kong into a smart city have created opportunities for the testing and certification (T&C) sector, including enhancing the service quality and operation efficiency through digitilisation and automation in relation to construction testing.

In this seminar, representatives from the Government departments and industry associations shared with us examples of digitilisation and automation in construction testing, the experience of implementing electronic test reports and digital certificates, as well as accreditation in digitalisation of test reports and automation of construction materials testing.

Topics of the Seminar include:

  • Revolution of the Public Works Laboratories (Presentation)
  • HeCheck - A Journey from Pain to Gain (Presentation)
  • The Era of Electronic Test Reports with Digital Signatory (Presentation)
  • Introduction of Digitalization Rebar Stockist Certificates by The Hong Kong Importers and Stockists Association (Presentation)
  • HKAS Accreditation in Digitalisation of Test Reports and Automation of Construction Materials Testing (Presentation)