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Webinar on Latest Technology and Development in Building Inspection

(24 February 2022)

With the ageing of buildings in Hong Kong, building inspection and diagnostic testing have become crucial to access building conditions for proper follow up actions such as maintenance, refurbishment, and demolishment. In recent years, new technologies have been adopted in various aspects of building inspection to enhance its effectiveness and quality. This webinar shared the experience and insights in using latest technology (e.g. artificial intelligence, drones, infra-red thermography, etc.) in building inspection.

The topics of the webinar include:

  • The Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Drone to Assist Building Inspection for External Wall and Chinese Tiled Roof (Presentation)
  • Common FAQs of Infrared Thermography on Building Envelop Inspections (Presentation)
  • How does Accreditation Deliver Confidence in Construction Industry? (Presentation)