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Webinar on Information and Cyber Security

(28 July 2021)

As our world gets increasingly digitalised and interconnected, information and cyber security continues to be a big concern. Organisations with inadequate security measures are often prone to unauthorised attacks and intrusion, thereby undermining the confidence of their clients and the public at large.

Having a security management system is an effective way to control business risks. It helps to operate and monitor cyber and information security in a systematic manner. This webinar aims to introduce the latest trends of information and cyber security, and share the experience and insights in using information security management system certification in businesses and operations.

Topics of the webinar include:

  • Insights on Cyber Security Trends for SMEs (Presentation)
  • Management of Cybersecurity – ISO/IEC 27001 Certification (Presentation)
  • What is the Value of ISO 27001 to an Internal Organization? (Presentation)
  • How Accreditation can Help You? (Presentation)