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Product Certification on Construction Materials

(21 November 2019)

The Council and Hong Kong Accreditation Service co-organised Seminar on Product Certification on Construction Materials. (Programme)

Building safety is of paramount importance, and quality of construction materials forms a vital part of it. Construction materials product certification helps assure quality of construction materials through third-party assessment. It enables upstream quality control from the start of the supply chain, facilitates better product traceability, and enhances production consistency. Through regular surveillance of the production process of construction materials, product certification reduces the risk of failure in on-site compliance testing. Users will also have greater confidence on product quality in view of its compliance with recognised standards or specific requirements.

The seminar aims to introduce how product certification could help improve construction and building quality. Representatives from the Hong Kong Concrete Institute, the Hong Kong Housing Authority and the Hong Kong Accreditation Service shared with us their experience and insights on the merits of adopting certified construction materials and products. An expert from BEAM Society also introduced the materials requirements under the recently launched BEAM Plus New Buildings V2.0, which have encompassed certified construction materials.

Topics of the seminar include:

  • Product Certification Schemes – What, Why, Who and How? (Presentation)
  • Requirements on the Materials and Waste Aspect under BEAM Plus New Buildings Version 2.0 (Presentation)
  • Product Certification on Building Materials – Hong Kong Housing Authority’s Experience (Presentation)
  • How Accreditation of Certification Bodies Provides Enhanced Confidence? (Presentation)