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New Opportunities for Testing and Certification in the Age of Technology

(18 March 2019)

The Council and the Hong Kong Accreditation Service co-organised the Seminar on New Opportunities for Testing and Certification in the Age of Technology. (Programme)

The rapid development of technology, together with Hong Kong's transformation into a smart city, is creating new opportunities for the testing and certification (T&C) sector. On the one hand, T&C bodies could adopt new technologies such as robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, data analytics, blockchain, etc. to enhance operation efficiency and improve customer service. On the other, the emergence of smart products and Internet of Things would generate new demands for third party quality and safety assurance.

This seminar covered various topics including the latest developments of Hong Kong as a Smart City, new technologies which could be adopted by the T&C sector, and updates on measurement standards. The seminar also shared the potential needs for T&C services to cater for new types of smart products, and introduced some funding schemes that could support the adoption of technology. This seminar was an opportunity for testing and certification industry to obtain relevant information for grasping the new opportunities ahead.

Topics of the seminar include:

  • Smart Hong Kong (Presentation)
  • Adoption of New Technologies for the Testing and Certification Sector (Presentation)
  • Quantum Measurement Standards: New Trends in Electrical Metrology (Presentation)
  • New Opportunities in Testing and Certification of Smart Products (Presentation)
  • Technology Voucher Programme (Presentation(Chinese Only))