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Testing and Certification for Environmental Excellence

(18 December 2017)

The Council and the Hong Kong Accreditation Service co-organised the Seminar on "Testing and Certification for Environmental Excellence". (Flyer)

With increasing awareness of the importance of environmental protection, many enterprises and organisations have put in place green management and energy conservation measures. In this regard, the testing and certification industry has been providing valuable support. Local testing and certification bodies are helping to monitor the conditions of our environment. For example, they conduct testing on air samples to assess air quality, take water samples to check the amount of heavy metals, etc. In addition, they provide third party certification services for environmental related management systems to help enterprises and organisations achieve their environmental objectives in accordance with international standards.

This seminar aimed to introduce how testing and certification services can help improve the environment and enhance energy efficiency for buildings, facilities and offices. We invited representatives from the Hong Kong Accreditation Service, professional body and testing and certification organisations to share their insights on the needs for and benefits of different environmental-related testing and certification services. A commercial company also shared its experience in making use of certification service to accomplish its environmental conservation objectives.

Topics of the seminar include:

  • Indoor Air Quality Control for Offices and Facilities (Presentation)
  • Improve Water Quality in Our Daily Lives by Testing Services (Presentation)
  • Choosing Quality Testing and Certification Services (Presentation)
  • Environmental Certification and Verification: How to Support Enterprise's Improvement and Growth (Presentation)
  • Experience Sharing: Achieve Greening and Energy Conservation through Certification (Presentation)