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Testing and Certification of Wireless and Telecommunication Products

(28 June 2017)

The Council and the Hong Kong Accreditation Service co-organised the Seminar on Testing and Certification of Wireless and Telecommunication Products. (Flyer)

In recent years, wireless, telecommunication and smart products have been undergoing rapid development and have formed an important part of people's daily life. While these products may help leading us to a smarter way of living, their safety and performance are of paramount concern.

Testing and certification plays a vital role in ensuring the safety and quality of products. Through third party testing and certification services, manufacturers and traders could be assured that these products comply with international standards or regulations, thus enhancing product quality and consumer confidence, and establishing good reputation.

This seminar aimed to introduce the latest trend and development in testing and certification on wireless and telecommunication products. Different parties including government department, trade and professional bodies, and testing and certification organisations were invited to share their insight on the needs, benefits and latest requirements for testing and certification of these products.

Topics of the seminar include:

  • The Hong Kong Telecommunications Equipment Evaluation and Certification Scheme (Presentation)
  • Potential Demand for Testing and Certification of Wireless and Telecommunication Products
  • Productization and Pre-test Support of Smart Telecommunication Devices (Presentation)
  • How to Stay Competitive in the "Smart Future"?
  • The European Union's New Radio Equipment Directive (RED)