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Professional Integrity in Testing and Certification

(13 July 2015)

The Council, the Hong Kong Accreditation Service, the Hong Kong Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification and the Independent Commission Against Corruption co-organised the Seminar on Professional Integrity in Testing and Certification. (Programme)

It has been said that, in its bare bone, testing and certification service is but trustworthiness. While the saying oversimplifies matters, it carries a certain degree of truth: professional integrity is the cornerstone of the testing and certification industry. Commitment to professional integrity protects the industry from corruption, conflicts of interests and the like, as well as advances the industry's competitive advantage internationally. It is important for the industry's development to continue to maintain its high level of professional integrity.

The seminar brought together experts from ICAC, the testing and certification industry, professional bodies as well as government departments to talk in details from different perspectives about the management and practice of professional integrity in the testing and certification industry. The seminar shared experience and information on training/recognition. Participants took this opportunity to exchange views on integrity management with the speakers.

Topics of the seminar include:

  • Professional Integrity for Testing and Certification Industry - A Perspective from the ICAC (Presentation)
  • Managing Materials Testing in Public Housing Construction Projects for Integrity (Presentation)
  • HKAS Requirements for Professional Integrity of Accredited Organisations (Presentation)
  • Ethical Management Training (Presentation)
  • How Personnel Certification Can Help to Improve the Confidence in the T&C Industry
  • Integrity Management of a Conformity Assessment Body (Presentation)