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Gold Testing and Gemstone Authentication in Hong Kong

(17 March 2015)

The Council and the Hong Kong Accreditation Service co-organised the Seminar on Gold Testing and Gemstone Authentication in Hong Kong. (Programme)

Hong Kong is renowned for its jewellery trade and is one of the world top players in producing and exporting fashion jewellery, encompassing products from precious masterpiece to medium and low priced items. It is recognised worldwide for its production of pure gold products and jadeite jewellery, as well as the trading and distribution centre for pearls. The world's largest jewellery retailer in market capitalization is headquartered in Hong Kong and almost all luxury brands can be seen on the streets.

Given the high value of jewellery, the industry has relied on Hong Kong's testing services for quality assurance and gemstone identification. The professional and quality services provided by local and international laboratories in Hong Kong have contributed to Hong Kong's competitiveness in both the Mainland and overseas jewellery markets.

The seminar provided an opportunity to update participants the gold testing and gemstone authentication services in Hong Kong. Representatives from leading local and international laboratories were invited to share their expertise and insights of their respective fields in jewellery testing.

Topics of the seminar include:

  • Identification of Gemstones and Diamond (Presentation)
  • Selection of Appropriate Testing Methods for Gold Jewellery
  • The Importance of Known Standards in Pearl Testing
  • The New Thinkings in Authentication of Fei Cui: The Integration of Advanced Instrumentation and Experience (Presentation (Chinese Only))