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Healthy Life and Food Testing and Certification

(9 March 2015)

The Council and the Hong Kong Accreditation Service co-organised the Seminar on Healthy Life and Food Testing and Certification. (Programme)

Food safety and hygiene are critical to our health. Nowadays, consumers are paying more attention to food safety, diets, nutrition contents, and even product handling and management in the entire supply chain. People are generally conscious about healthy eating and the demand for quality food products is rising. Hong Kong's testing and certification industry, with its expertise in quality control, plays an important role in supporting the food trade in meeting various regulatory requirements as well as promoting consumers' confidence over the supply of foods.

In the seminar, representative from Government's Centre for Food Safety introduced the regulations for formula products and pre-packaged foods for infants and young children. Testing and certification professionals shared their experiences in safeguarding food safety and hygiene, including food nutrition label tests, certification of organic food and sauce products, pesticide residues tests and so on. The seminar was also an opportunity for government representatives, practitioners of the testing and certification industry and food trade to share the needs and experiences of food testing and certification.

Topics of the seminar include:

  • Protect Child Health and Enhance Breastfeeding: Regulation for Formula Products and Prepackaged Foods for Infants and Young Children in Hong Kong (Presentiation)
  • Food Nutrition Label Tests Help Consumers to Make Choice
  • Pesticide Residues Tests and Food Safety (Presentiation)
  • Product Certification for Sauce
  • Hong Kong Cooking Oil Registration Scheme (Presentiation (Chinese Only))
  • Development of Organic Food Products Certification in Hong Kong