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Testing and Certification Manpower Development Corporate Award

  • Eligibility


    Applicant entities must be –

    1. accredited by the Hong Kong Accreditation Service (HKAS) or other accreditation bodies having Mutual Recognition Arrangements with HKAS; and
    2. located in Hong Kong with testing and certification services provided locally.

    Testing and certification services refer to testing, calibration, inspection and/or certification services.

  • Assessment Criteria


    Applicant entities which fulfill at least three Criteria under each of the following four Areas are qualified for the Award, subject to the provision of valid and credible supporting documents –

    Area A
    Commitment to T&C practitioners’ training and development
    Area B
    Corporate support to enhance T&C practitioners’ Competence and professionalism
    Area C
    Caring for T&C practitioners
    Area D
    Communication with T&C practitioners

    Activities carried out and achievements made during the period from 1 January 2020 up to the date of application would be considered for the Award.

    Those awardees who have demonstrated exceptional achievements in manpower and professional development of T&C practitioners in specific aspect may receive special commendation.

  • Selection Process


    Stage 1
    HKCTC Secretariat will check and verify the applications and supporting documents

    Stage 2
    Assessment Panel will examine applications and consider awardees

For details of the Award, please refer to the Guidance Notes.

Download Guidance Notes (PDF version)

Download Guidance Notes

Download Application Form (PDF version)

Download Application Form