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STEM Teaching Kit on Testing and Certification for Junior Secondary Students

The Innovation and Technology Commission and HKCTC have commissioned Hong Kong Baptist University to develop a STEM teaching kit for junior secondary students. The kit consists of six experiments, introducing some basic scientific knowledge and concepts about product testing and analysis. Through providing students with more practical opportunities, the kit aims to arouse students’ interest in STEM subjects while raising their awareness of the importance of testing to ensure the safety and quality of products commonly used in daily life. Schools are welcome to make use of the kit in class or extra-curricular activities.

Experiment Introduction Video

Experiment English Version Cantonese Version
1. Analysis of Colorants in Food and Personal-Care Products    
2. Screening Test for Plastic Type of Plastic Products    
3. Analysis of Bacteria in Environmental Samples    
4. Wine-Making and Analysis of Alcohol in Beverage    
5. Slime-Making and Analysis of Borax in Slime    
6. Solar Cell Fabrication and Testing on its Electrical Properties