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Teaching Kit on Chemical Testing for Senior Secondary Curriculum

The Innovation and Technology Commission and HKCTC have commissioned Hong Kong Baptist University to develop a teaching kit for use by senior secondary Chemistry teachers. The kit consists of a total of six experiments, which introduces the basic chemical testing concepts. Through providing students with more practical opportunities, the kit aims to apprise students of the importance of testing and how it can help ensure the safety and quality of products commonly used in our daily life. Schools are welcome to make use of the kit in class or extra-curriculum activities.

Experiment Introduction Video

Experiment English Version Cantonese Version
1. Determination of NO2 in Air: Air Pollutant Analysis    
2. Analysis of Copper in Wastewater    
3. Determination of SO2 in Dried Food Using Optimized Monier-Williams Method    
4. Is the Dairy Product Safe? Gold Nanoparticles as a Visual Detection Tool of Melamine    
5. Differentiation of Chinese Herb Danshen from Other Similar Herbs Using Facile Test-Tube Scale Chemical Test Method    
6. Determination of Vitamin C in Commercial Sample and Fresh Fruit Juice by Iodometric Titration