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The Hong Kong Council for Testing and Certification was established on 17 September 2009 to drive the development of the industry, to raise its professional standards and to enhance the recognition of the industry in the international arena by building up a brand name for Hong Kong's testing and certification services. Members of the Council include practitioners from the industry, business sector, professional organisations as well as the relevant public bodies and government departments.

The establishment of the Council, being a milestone in the development of the testing and certification industry, demonstrates the staunch support from the Government for the sustained growth of this sector. The secretariat support to the Council is provided by the Innovation and Technology Commission.

Having formulated a three-year market-oriented industry development plan, the Council submitted a Report to the Chief Executive in March 2010. Government accepted all the recommendations and worked closely with the Council in implementing the recommendations. After reviewing the implementation progress of the development plan, the Council submitted a Review Report to the Chief Executive. The recommendations therein were accepted by the Government. The Council continues to work with stakeholders with a view to realising its vision for Hong Kong to develop into a testing and certification hub in the region.